Established in 1986, this clinic is one of the longest established practices in the area. Berenice Cogger is a registered Podiatrist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and is a member of the College of  Podiatrists with 36 years experience working for both the NHS and in private practice. The practice receives self-referral patients and referrals from health care professionals.


COVID 19-Appointment information

When you phone for an appointment it may not be possible to answer your call as it is difficult to do so when wearing all the required PPE, so please leave your name and number and I will call you back.

Please cancel your appointment if you or any member of your household develop any symptoms of coronavirus.

Every appointment will be extended to 40 minutes, this is necessary to allow a complete disinfection of the area to ensure your safety.

I will wear all the required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)  this includes gloves, masks, aprons and visors.

Please wear a mask to your appointment and only put your mask on when entering enter the clinic, please do not apply it at home.

If you choose not to wear gloves hand washing facilities and hand gel are available for patient use.

To ensure social distancing; clinic appointments will be staggered to allow patients to enter and leave without meeting other patients.

Please attend at your appointment time, do not attend early, this is to allow other patients time to leave. Please do not bring a lot of bags and coats. 

If someone has to assist you with the stairs they can then wait outside or in the car and I will phone them when you are ready to leave.

The use of the toilet facilities is not possible because a complete disinfection would have to be carried out and this is not possible during clinic hours.

Domiciliary visits are now able to be carried out but only to housebound/bed bound  patients.

Cash, Cheque and Card payments will be accepted and contactless payment is available.

It has been necessary to increase the fee for each appointment. This is due to the longer 40 minute appointment time, the fees for card  payment, the increase in the PPE required (gloves, masks, aprons, visors) the increase cost of cleaning materials, increased clinical waste fees and also for receptionist duties at certain times.


Patient Focused Podiatry

The aim of the practice is to provide a caring and gentle approach and ensure that the needs of the patient are paramount. From routine treatments to minor surgery, we want to ensure that the experience is as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. We want to improve the mobility and quality of life for patients by ensuring that the most effective course of treatment and advice is offered.


Providing High Quality Care

We take great pride in the quality of care provided and our aim is to offer the highest standard in foot diagnosis and treatment. Registration with the HCPC ensures that we maintain professional and clinical standards and that our knowledge is kept up to date in order to provide you with comprehensive care and treatment. The premise is simple-if you have a foot problem we are confident that we can offer you the foot care you require.