A Biomechanical Assessment is an investigation into your lower limb function. problems that may result from inefficient foot function include pain in the ball of the foot, in the arch, the ankle, or in the heel. During the assessment we are looking closely for abnormalities and compensations that can have an influence on other parts of the body. This effect may show as pain, instability, restricted movement, or in some cases just fatigue. Once we have identified the causes of your problems we can develop a tailor made treatment plan to improve your symptoms. This may involve exercises, to stretch or strengthen muscles, orthotics, footwear advice or onward referral to other members of the healthcare team if further specialist advice is needed.


Orthotics / Insoles

The most common treatment for biomechanical problems is the use of orthoses/insoles. Simple insoles can be designed to improve skin and tissue viability or off-load painful pressure areas.

Orthoses are devices that assist the feet to function more efficiently. They are designed to support, align or improve the function of the feet and lower limbs during gait. They do this by controlling joint movement, and by altering some joint angles to prevent excessive motion.