The circulation to the feet and legs can be checked using simple clinical techniques. Your medical history and symptoms will be assessed in addition to the physical examination. The pulses in the foot and ankle will be checked and the skin and nails assessed for any changes that could be related to poor circulation. It should be noted that no single symptom should be looked at in isolation.

If there are any concerns regarding the circulation then this can be assessed using a Doppler ultrasound. This is a painless, non-invasive test and is carried out in the clinic.

Patients with poor circulation will be referred to their GP for further assessment and treatment. If you have a condition such as diabetes it is essential that you have your circulation checked regularly.

If you experience a cramp or tight pain in your calves when walking and it is relieved with rest, this could be due to a reduced blood supply. There are other things that might cause this pain such as muscle injury or fatigue. But if you do have pain it is important to have this checked by your GP.