Callous and Corn

Callus and corns are common conditions on the skin of the foot. They can occur anywhere on the feet but are usually located over bony prominences.

Excessive pressure and friction over bony prominences or from footwear causes the outer layer of the skin to thicken into an area of callous.

Corns however have a central core of hard skin caused by recurrent pressure on the same area of skin. This is often caused by abnormal biomechanics, foot deformities such as hammer toe’s or bunions, or ill-fitting footwear. A podiatrist can diagnose the underlying condition and give advice on how to manage the problem effectively.

Podiatry treatment – Podiatrists will remove the callus and corns with minimum discomfort bringing instant relief and will help address the abnormal pressure that is causing the corn or callus to develop. It is especially important that those with diabetes or poor circulation see a podiatrist for the management of corns.


Soft corns are areas of white moist skin between the toes. They most commonly occur between the fourth and fifth toes and are due to an irregularity in the shape of the bone in the fourth or fifth toes. Acute athlete’s foot can mimic a soft corn.

Podiatry treatment – These corns can be very painful and if not treated can form small ulcerations or sinus tracts that can become infected. It is advisable to see a podiatrist for treatment.